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Vietnam travel tours, Ha Long Bay boat accommodation, tour prices announced The Department of Finance of northern Quang Ninh province has posted prices of boat tours and boat accommodation for visitors to Ha Long Bay.

The prices are off-peak and may be subject to an increase of up to 30 per cent during peak periods, such as Saturdays, Sundays, holiday seasons and the tourist season.

A representative of the department said the prices were also subject to changes to suit "common practices" in each period.

Operators were required to post peak season prices on their tour boats and advertise them in the media.

Tour prices (VAT included) on boat tours without accommodation vary with each class or level of boat. A level 5 boat costs from VND250,000-300,000 (US$12-14) per hour; level 4 VND300,000-400,000 ($14-19); level 3 VND400,000-500,000 ($19-24); level 2 VND500,000-600,000 ($24-28).,

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On smaller boat tours, tickets for Route 1 through the harbour to visit various landscapes are VND100,000 ($4.80) per person; Route 2 around the harbour, to the park and caves costs VND150,000 ($7.20) per person.

Other small boat routes are priced at VND300,000 ($14.40) per person. They include: Route 3 through the harbour, out to sea and the Cultural Conservation Centre; Route 4,,

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harbour and the sea entertainment centre; Route 5, the harbour and Gia Luan Station.

For larger boats, accommodation rates for sightseeing tours on Ha Long Bay are calculated on the number of people on the boat and are given as per person for 24 hours. For standard boats: level 1 VND5 million ($240), level 2 VND2 million-3.5 million ($96-168), level 3 VND1.2 million-2 million,

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level 4 VND700,000-1.2 million ($33.60-$57.60).
  The announcement of the prices was aimed at re-aligning business travel operators in the province, to combat losses in revenue and to prevent overcharging.

Earlier, the local People's Committee requested all documents of boat tours in the bay to be publicised in the media.

Tour boat and accommodation boat operators,

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declare their prices to the Department of Finance to ensure they are within the allowable rates.

Ha Long Bay cruise delights on Viet Nam tourist trail

I have been to Ha Long Bay many times but have never experienced a cruise. So when my parents asked me to join them on an overnight trip, I jumped at the chance.

We opted for a two-day, one-night excursion in late, and were thoroughly enchanted.

The US$80 ticket covered the cruise, the bus journey between Ha Noi and Ha Long City, the tour guide and all meals. Early in the morning, a bus picked us up in Ha Noi. When enough passengers were on board, we left for Quang Ninh Province's Ha Long City. In our tour group were Australians, Russians, a Vietnamese couple and a French family.

At noon, we arrived at the Ha Long boat wharf, which was packed with two-tier and three-tier boats of different sizes and standards.

About half an hour passed as we checked in and sailed off. We were then free to enjoy our lunch of oyster soup, fresh grilled prawns, fried fish, and steamed cutter fish whilst feasting our eyes on the incredibly beautiful scenery surrounding us.

We felt as if we were in paradise. We saw pagodas along some islets, caves, small villages and many fishermen in their boats.

The wooden junk surfed gently over limestone rocks, and the guide Vu Van Khoa started telling us about our surroundings.

On the,
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side of the junk, he pointed out a rock that resembled a dog. Ten minutes later, our boat sailed towards two magnificent rocks shaped like a pair of roosters facing each other; this was Ga Choi Island.

"The image of these rocks in front of you is printed on the face of the 200,000 dong note," Khoa said, raising the note high in the air for all to see.

This was,
Ha giang vietnam

Ha Giang today is a famous destination for tourism in Vietnam for its beauties wildly and traditional values of local tribe people. Ha giang vietnam Travel to Ha giang pass through imposing road of North Vietnam and catch spectacular sightseeing along the way. The beauty of high mountain attract a lot of people come here and discover its special

tourist John Gibson's third visit to the bay and his second experience of a cruise. He still considers it worth the trip.

"I think Ha Long Bay is probably a wonder of the world, and UNESCO has to agree," joked Gibson, who hails from Brisbane.

"This time, I've brought my wife. She has never been here before. Now, she has seen it for herself and has the, opinion as I do," said Gibson.

"The food is entirely Vietnamese cuisine, which adds to the excitement and the comfort of our stay. That's the way to do it [by enjoying the bay views on a junk boat]. It is safe, and the service is very good."

The changing shades of colours in the sky differ from those typically seen in the bay. There were rocks of different shapes and sizes, and a light fog followed us on our three-hour sail from the port to one of the floating villages on the bay, where we hoped to see oyster pearl cultivation activities. Not one second was wasted.

At the Ha Long Pearl museum, the museum guide gave us a summarised history of the area and noted the categories of pearls originating from both Viet Nam and other far-off regions such as North America. Visitors also got to know how pearls are raised and extracted from the oysters.

Later, we docked at Titop Island, which is named after the Russian hero, cosmonaut Gherman Stepanovich Titov. Here, we could swim, play sports, or climb to the top of the Titop, Sapa tour, Sapa tour. Prolonged stimulus to travel 2014. Sapa tour / Evaluate the stimulus program travel in 2013 has made good results and have more practical value , VNAT has announced the Department some 200 metres above sea level. When I reached the summit, I was spellbound by the spectacular panoramic view of the bay, even though it was not a clear sunny day.

A shower followed by a feast of seafood dishes with eye-catching decorations in the romantic setting of candlelight and soft music made me feel completely at ease.

Friendships were easily struck up within our, Ha Giang tours, Ha Giang tours, Vietnam travel tours, Halong Vietnam, Ha Giang tours / Tourism experts have proposed that the government continue offering unilateral tourist visa exemptions for travellers from major after the dinner service. A Russian couple gifted us some souvenirs imprinted with the logo of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, Gibson performed a few magic tricks for the kids, and the 4-year-old son of the French family crooned the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider. Later that evening, I lay on a recliner on the upper deck, enjoying the cool breeze and humming along to the melodies wafting in from elsewhere on the boat.

Lights glittered on the tens of boats teeming around us, making the bay appear like a small city by night.

I awoke early the next morning, so I could catch the sunrise. The guide had told me it was best viewed from a junk boat. Sunsets were said to be equally breathtaking. I enjoyed watching the sun's rays reflect off the boats.

Later that day, we went to one of the islands to visit the Surprising Cave, and indeed, it was surprisingly large and beautiful, with three chambers.

"This is my family's first time seeing such things. It is